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​Patagonia, Arizona

"This is a 'must do' if you are in town for a day or the weekend! Patagonia is great to see by bike, and is surrounded by amazing places to ride. But you used to have to bring your own bike to enjoy them... I was thrilled to be able to rent a bike during my recent visit and ride to some of my favorite places. Patrick has invested in high quality, mountain bikes and comfortable cruisers. He is friendly, helpful, and flexible.... I recommend you ask about how to bike "The Harshaw Loop," Blue Haven out beyond Solero Road, and if you are looking for a long slow incline - the Dump Road."  – Cheryl T. on YELP!

Our “sky islands” (mountains soaring above the desert floor) sustain one of the most unique and biologically diverse areas in the nation. Out of this world views contain astonishingly varied scenery, climates, plants, and wildlife. Quiet paved roads, numerous unpaved dirt roads in the heart of the National Forest and a more moderate climate than most of Arizona (especially in summer), makes this one of the most wonderful year round biking areas imaginable, the best kept secret we know.

Make this the year you bike the Mountain Empire

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First time in the Mountain Empire? We suggest you avail yourself of one of our three self guided bike tours. Download a loop tour map for thee wonderful loops in the Coronado National Forest.  Or download our overall area bike map and use it to create your own tour!

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We're a bike rental and bike service company located in the beautiful Patagonia/Sonita/Elgin area of Southern Arizona.Patagonia is a trailhead community for the Arizona Trail and smack in the middle of two sections of the spectacular Coronado National Forest in the Sonoran desert.

It is so fantastic that Phoenix Magazine (Feb 2013) selected biking this area and Patagon Bike Rentals as one of their 52 Weekend Getaways!